Vodaphone 'The Evolution of the mobile'
Advertising, Digital Art
Vodaphone 'The Evolution of the mobile'
  • Shot in a single take, popular mobile handsets were spray-painted white and brought to life with 3D projection mapping techniques that appear like a hologram on a flat plinth surface.

    The 3D effect was enhanced by a roving "sweet spot" that had to be matched precisely by the camera for the illusion to work.

    We got all our favourite people in on the act and spent a month experimenting and discovering just how far we could push the illusion. Good fun!

  • Behind the scenes
  • Directors:
    Barney Steel (FND)
    Robin McNicholas (flat-e)

    Senior Art Director:
    Jamie O’Brien (TBG)

    Art Director:
    Alex Hill (TBG)

    VFX Artists:
    Murat Pak (UNDREAM)
    Matthias Müller
    Svenja Frahm
    Robin Mcnicholas
    Barney Steel
    Rob Pybus

    DOP/Steadycam Operator:
    Thomas English

    Studio/Technical Supervisor:
    Memo (MSA Visuals)

    Projector Rig Creation:
    Phil Mayer (Gaianova)

    Production Assistant:
    Dan McNicholas White

    Documentary Photography:
    Sandra Ciampone