We live in an Ocean of air

We live in an Ocean of air

An immersive experience From the creators of
In the Eyes of the Animal & Treehugger

Immerse yourself in nature

We Live in an Ocean of Air is a multi-sensory immersive installation illuminating the fundamental connection between animal and plant. Step through the canvas and share a breath with the giants of the plant kingdom.

Discover an untethered virtual world

Using a unique combination of technologies from untethered virtual reality, heart rate monitors and breath sensors to body tracking, visitors will be completely immersed in a world beyond human perception.

Follow the journey of your own breath from body, to plant, to planet in an intricate 3D world, where the deeper systems and connections that intimately tie together all life on Earth are made visible.

Embodied learning

Existing in the liminal space between art, science and technology, this is a rare and exciting opportunity to not only learn about the symbiotic systems of nature, but also to experience it firsthand.

The human cardiovascular system interacts with the mirrored natural networks that unite the forest: capillaries, arteries and mitochondria flow into leaf, phloem and mycelium, placing your every inhale and exhale within a larger reciprocal system.

From Kings Road to Sequoia National Forest

Your experience takes place in Sequoia National Park, home to the Giant Sequoia trees. Standing at over 30 storeys high, they are the largest living organisms to ever to be sustained by the planet. Come share a breath with the forest and witness the unseen connection between plant and human.

About the artists

‘We Live in an Ocean of Air’ has been created by London based immersive art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with Natan Sinigaglia and Mileece I’Anson.

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) create immersive experiences, expanding perception and exploring our connection with the natural world. Fusing architectural tools, contemporary imaging techniques and performance with tactile forms, MLF sculpt spaces that lay dormant until animated by playful investigation. Informed as much by playfulness as research, MLF break the boundaries to worlds beyond our senses.